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Playing Online Slots in the US

The online gaming laws in the United States are widely misunderstood. Many people are under the impression that U.S. citizens are not allowed to play slots online. That is not the case except in a few states that have outlawed all forms of online gaming.

Federal laws like the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act have made online gaming a cloudy situation when it comes to what’s legal and what’s not. All individual states have the right to provide their citizens with any forms of gaming they wish, and federal laws outlawing online gaming do not pertain to players.

Despite the federal government making it illegal for U.S. companies to do business with offshore gaming organizations some individual states are already ignoring the federal law and providing online gaming to residents, as they have the Constitutional right to do.

Currently three states are providing online gaming to their citizens and others are in the process of doing the same. Until enough individual U.S. states get organized most online slots players will continue to choose offshore gaming companies to play their favorite games.

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Legal Online Casinos

The big issue that U.S.-based players have had to face were the difficulties they encountered when trying to do online banking with gaming sites. The UIGEA has made it hard for many players to deposit or withdraw funds into or out of online gaming accounts, so it’s imperative for U.S.-based players to play on trusted sites that provide them with a wide selection of banking options.

The last thing players need is difficulty cashing funds that were won, or to have trouble depositing funds when they want to play their favorite online slots game. Most trusted sites will go the extra mile to ensure that banking is easy for any U.S. player, regardless of which state they are in or which payment method they want to use.

Despite the difficulties that face many U.S. online slots players the number of players continues to grow. Even in states where online gaming has recently become legal, most players still use offshore sites because bonuses and payout percentages are far better.

Until state-sanctioned providers start to offer all the extras that offshore sites offer, savvy online slots players will continue to take advantage of all the edges that offshore sites provide to their members.

Tips for Americans playing online slots

The best advice that U.S. online slots players can get is to find a site that can be trusted to provide fair play and offer players a wealth of bonuses. Stretching their playing dollar as far as possible is the most basic advantage an online slots player can get, and getting reload and sign-up bonuses is just a start.

There are sites out there that offer deposit bonuses but they also offer weekly and monthly special events that can boost a player’s bankroll and keep them in the game that much longer. VIP points are another way where players can get free-play credits or cash just for playing in online slots events.

In the mobile world that we live in today it’s also important to find a site that offers mobile play so it’s easy to play anywhere at any time on a phone or mobile device. It also makes for a better playing experience when players choose a site that has a wide variety of online slots games to choose from, so players always have a new game to try out if they grow tired of playing their favorites.

And online slots game players should always remember to practice bankroll management. No online slots player should ever play at stakes that are outside of their means, otherwise they could find themselves having to reload more often or sit out of the action when they would rather be playing.