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Fastest Payouts

Every real money online slots game player should know a few basic things about payouts. Like online deposit methods, withdrawal banking options have had to evolve over the years to best serve online casino customers' needs. Not all online gaming providers pay out winnings the same, so if you want to receive your money in a speedy fashion you’ll want to use a provider that does not delay payouts.

Most casinos have different rules when it comes to payouts. Depending on the provider you use, you might have to pay fees to receive a withdrawal. Some of the better providers will offer one or more free withdrawals each month so it doesn’t cost you extra cash to withdraw funds after a windfall.

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What payment methods are available?

Each provider has a reputation in the industry on how fast they make payouts. Traditionally players would take a payout in the form of a check, which would be mailed or sent to them via courier. That process usually takes a week or two to complete by the time it gets into the player’s bank account. Today new methods of withdrawals allow players to receive funds much faster without the issues of having to wait for checks to clear at one’s local bank.

One of the faster payout methods is a Direct Bank Transfer. When a player requests a payout using this method their requested funds will be deposited into the same account that they provided to the casino for deposits. This payout method does not require a courier to deliver a check or time at the bank for the check to clear. Direct Bank Transfers can usually be completed within one to three business days without hassle.

Some Visa cards can be used for payouts depending on where the player lives and what the local banking regulations may be for online gaming. If they reside in a country where Visas are eligible for online gaming deposits, players can request that a payout be issued to their Visa card. This method is much faster than a check payout and not quite as fast as a Direct Bank Transfer, usually taking between three to five days to be credited to their card.

Do all providers pay out the same?

One of the biggest issues with online gamers is how fast they can receive an online payout. Online providers have built or destroyed their reputations within the industry by not having a proper payout system in place. The best way to avoid a slow payout after winning money playing online slots is to play on a site that has made payouts one of their customer priorities.

It’s easy enough to research which online gaming providers have a strong or weak reputation of providing prompt payouts. A good way to determine which sites make payouts a priority is to choose a site that had been in operation before 2006. Providers that have been around that long have established themselves within the industry. Online casinos know that customer service is a key to success, always making sure that their players get their money as soon as possible.

Another clue to finding a good provider would be to look at the methods the site provides for customer service. Sites that only offer email customer service have the ability to delay responses to requests. Some sites offer toll-free telephone, live chat, and email services so any player requesting a payout can immediately communicate with a real person and get restitution if their payout request runs into any slowdown issues.

Remember to pay yourself

One mistake that many online slots game players make is to not pay themselves out enough. Collecting payouts should be part of every player’s bankroll management strategy where set limits will determine if it’s time for the player to make a withdrawal. Never withdrawing any money will make winning sessions useless. If a set number is decided on for buy-ins and withdrawals, a windfall will provide players with the chance to pocket some cash while still maintaining a full-size playing bankroll.

Scheduling payouts is a wise play for the simple reason that making too many payout requests can become a costly endeavour. A player should keep track of when they made their last payout request and, if need be, wait until they can make another free payout request instead of it costing them a fee.

This advice is especially useful for players that have won a large amount of money. Many online providers have monetary payout limits, and if a player has won a large jackpot they should remember to schedule their payouts at regular intervals so that they’re all free to process. Players should continue to take regular payouts until they have brought down their bankroll to a pre-determined playing level.