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Funky Monkey

Can anything named “Funky Monkey” be boring? Absolutely not. This video slot just screams fun with it’s title and the good folks at Real Time Gaming certainly deliver exactly with this creation.

The theme of this five-reel video slot is the psychedelic ‘60’s including some trippy monkeys that take center stage. You might feel like you’ve been taken back to the times of Cheech and Chong, when life was much simpler and our priorities were a little different. This game is a certain type of trip down memory lane.

After you see some of the funky monkeys on their instruments rolling around through the reels on this slot, you’ll be having as much fun as a barrel of monkeys. The more you play, the more you’ll be hooked on Funky Monkey, so get it on the action and check out yet another brilliant offering from RTG.

Game Information

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RTG (Custom)
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The theme of this psychedelic slot machine is what caught our eye but Funky Monkey gives you plenty of that, which is really what kept us coming back.

Taking you through a rundown of the game, the first thing you’ll want to note is that the actual Funky Monkey logo is your wild card and it can be used to replace most of the other symbols. The only ones it can’t help you out with are bananas and the Funky and Monkey symbols. The wild symbols appear on reels one, three and five.

Speaking of Funky and Monkey, those symbols are your keys to unlocking the bonus feature. When you hit Funky on reel one and Monkey on reel five, you’ll earn anywhere between eight and 25 free games. For each Funky or Monkey that pops up after that, the multiplier of your winnings goes up 10 times.

Meanwhile the banana is your scatter symbol and five bananas and they pay any way (all other symbols pay left-to-right).

The progressive jackpot can be extremely lucrative to players as it kicks in from time to time. It’s added to other wins and you can win it regardless of the denomination that you’ve played.

Overall, we found this slot to be fairly easy to pick up and play. It’s not very complicated, so it’s easy to get in a few rounds when you have time to kill. We found ourselves coming back to it to play more even though the game is fairly basic.

Like all games made by Real Time Gaming, the graphics of Funky Monkey push the game along but it’s done with a soft hand, which means it enhances the game but doesn’t make it too silly. RTG has managed to straddle the line between spending time on the game and the graphics, and that’s something they have perfected en route to becoming one of the best brands in the industry.

Get ready to have loads of fun and winnings with Funky Monkey.