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The Ghouls

There’s no need to wait until Halloween to get your fix of all things freaky and haunted. When you dare to play this free online slot game, you’ll get the best of Halloween brought directly to your computer without needing to fork out for a costume. The Ghouls has fun sounds, crazy characters, interesting graphics and solid bonus features to give you extra spins. If that’s not enough to get your interest then don’t forget there’s a progressive jackpot always in play too.

We found this progressive slot to be simple and easy to play, but with enough tricks and treats to provide hours and hours of entertainment. We’re almost certain that the only thing you’ll be haunted by is how much fun you had playing it.

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No matter what you’re after in an online slot, it’s hard to look past one that offers a progressive jackpot. That’s what drew our attention to The Ghouls initially when trawling through long lists of potential slot games on the web. Coupled with its zany Halloween theme, this slot offers slots players fun and amusement.

You need to make the maximum bet in order to have your chance at winning the progressive jackpot. It’s definitely worth getting in the running, even if it means dropping to a lower coin denomination. You can choose a coin as low as $0.02 on this game.  When you’re betting the maximum, get five haunted mansions on the reels and you’ll pocket the progressive jackpot. The amount can vary but it’s pictured on the game so you can easily keep your eye on the prize!

In our opinion, the best feature of this online slot is the second-screen bonus round. When you land on three scattered tombstones, you’ll trigger the feature and soon find yourself in the midst of a haunted graveyard. Follow the instructions that appear on screen to select a tombstone of your choice, each belonging to a mysterious, long-lost person. Lightning will strike down onto the tombstone you selected and the number of credits hidden within will be instantly revealed to you. You can keep selecting gravestones until the feature stops. We got into this bonus round a few times and each time we were able to select two different gravestones before we were returned to the main game. Messing with tombstones might not be everyday behaviour but we guarantee you’ll be in the spirit of it as soon as you see your credit balance grow!

There’s also a straightforward free-spins feature, which you get when you land on three, four or five vampires on the reels. You’ll instantly score 5, 10 or 20 free spins, depending on how many vampires you had on the reels.  What we really like about this feature is that you can trigger it over and over again – there’s no limit.

The animation and graphics in The Ghouls are not at the top end of what’s available these days in the online gaming industry but they will appeal to players who seek a simple playing experience. The game itself sticks to its Halloween theme well and offers some fun sounds including spooky ghosts, cackling witches and screeching cats.  The symbols on the reels cover all sorts: spiders, howling wolves, carved pumpkins, evil eyes, mummies and even Frankenstein look-alikes.

We figure the theme of this slot is probably not hugely popular all year round, or among people who don’t place much importance on the occasion of Halloween. In saying that, we looked past the theme, made the most of the simple features of the game and had a good time. It’s definitely worth giving this free slot a shot next time you’re choosing between the hundreds of slots available.