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Good Girl Bad Girl

Everyone has a good and a bad side to their personality, and the new Good Girl Bad Girl slot game is a split personality themed progressive jackpot slot that gives players the chance to experience two games in one. Unlike any other slot game before, Good Girl Bad Girl offers a whole new choice-driven perspective on the online slot game experience. The 3D slot has 15 paylines over five reels and includes two progressive jackpots, one “Good” and the other “Bad”. The entire game is set up this way, offering players the option to choose to play in Good mode or Bad mode. Players can also play in both modes if they want. Good mode offers smaller, more consistent payouts, while Bad mode offers higher risk and higher reward action. Players will pay twice the credits per spin when they’re playing in both modes.

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Playing Good Girl Bad Girl is instantly a new slot game experience. The play screen is split in two, one side Good and the other Bad. Having the option of different play modes adds an element to slot play that is unique and fun for the player, as they can go back and forth between medium and higher risk action. All three modes use the same symbols which include multipliers, wilds, scatter and free spins.

Different bonuses are offered for certain combinations, but bonus payouts will also be dependent on which play mode you are in at the time. The Halo symbols are wild and can potentially double payouts, while Pitchfork symbols can bring as much as 4x multipliers. If both symbols appear on the same line, a click-me feature will appear and the potential bonus received will depend on which play mode is in use at the time.

As an added feature players can also risk their winnings with the double-up feature. This is a 50/50 opportunity to either double the win or lose it completely. The player simply chooses if the coin will fall on the good girl or the bad girl. Choosing the correct one, or the wrong one, a couple of times in a row can make a big difference in a playing session. It’s up to you: Are you feeling like being a good person, or a bad one?

The Good Girl Bad Girl slot game also features a Money Wheel Bonus, which is triggered when at least three Money Wheel Bonus symbols land on the screen. Like the other bonuses this one is also dependant on which play mode is being used at the time. Once a player hits the bonus they will spin to win either free spins or bonus prizes, or they can hit one of the progressive jackpots. And like any progressive jackpot, players must be betting the max bet to qualify for the big payday.

Betting limits for Good Girl Bad Girl are set at $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25 and $0.50, and each payline will take up to five bets. Another fun feature of Good Girl Bad Girl is the stop button option when the reels are spinning, further adding to the feeling that the player is in more control of the action. With so many mode play options the player can roam around within the game, getting different types of action.

As far as graphics and sound goes, the game delivers on both accounts. Graphics are sharp and no bugs in the software were noticed. Sound effects were related to what was happening in the game at the time and a wide variety of different sounds are used, which enhanced the experience by taking away the feeling of repetitiveness often found in many other slot games.

With two progressive jackpots, tons of playing options, and the opportunity to double-up on winnings, Good Girl Bad Girl is one of the best new options online slots has to offer.