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Iris 3000

Step into the future with IRIS 3000, which stands for “Interactive Real Intelligence Slot”. Only the folks at Real Time Gaming are innovative enough to keep finding new, unique and fun slots machine and this is filed right into that category. This game has a fun futuristic theme to it and when you combine it with an above average video slots experience, which includes plenty of bonuses and chances to win, and you’ve got one of the more exciting slots games around.

IRIS 3000 looks like something you would run across on the Space Channel or in some kind of science fiction movie, but don’t worry. It’s not particularly complex. It’s an easy enough game that anyone can play; you don’t have to be a “tech geek” to enjoy it. There is definitely enough to IRIS 3000 to keep any player of video slots intrigued right off the bat. 

Game Information

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There are five reels in IRIS 3000 but just one payline. That’s part of why this game is so straightforward. It doesn’t have the 20/30/40 paylines that some of the more complicated slots have.

However, there is the opportunity to open up a couple of extra reels, which is surely an enticing though to many players. If you end up playing with all seven reels, you can multiply your winnings up to 10 times the amount you wagered (and you can wager up to three coins, each valued at fifty cents). That sounds like a pretty good deal, doesn’t it?

Making things even more simpler is the fact that IRIS 3000 is a game that doesn’t include wild and scatter symbols, as well as free spins and features You can still cash in big with IRIS 3000 as there is a big progressive jackpot that restarts at $100,000.

To hit the enticing 10x multiplier, you need to keep an eye on the radiation hazard symbols and red lasers. First, you have to hit bet max and look for that red laser to stop above a closed door. Once all seven doors are open, a separate multiplier wheel spins to give you the opportunity to get that lucrative 10x multiplier. Lastly, if you hit five radiation hazards and all seven doors are open, the progressive jackpot is yours.

Real Time Gaming has created another unique theme that sets them apart from the rest of video slots industry. This game is different not just because of the theme itself but because of how you play the game. It’s simplified without any wild or scatter symbols, or slews of paylines that are hard to follow. It’s just the basics here with a futuristic theme. Sci-fi lovers will have a good time here.

Don’t be afraid to try out something different as IRIS 3000 is a cool spinner on the video slots menu. With a little help from luck and strategy, maybe your future holds plenty of riches for you.