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Rooks Revenge

Rook's Revenge is an online slot machine with a bit of a difference. Instead of being set in the modern day, it hurls the player back in time to help Rook, an Aztec chief who's looking to win big. He guides players through the game as they search for the hidden treasure vault that offers up huge rewards to those lucky enough to find their way there. Rook’s Revenge is available in a few online casinos and it’s well worth seeking out.

Everyone's pretty familiar with this style of gameplay, even if this 3D slot uses the idea of cascading blocks instead of reels that spin. You get certain symbols in a row in a payline, you win some money. In fact, with Rook's Revenge, you can win up to 2,330,000 coins on a single spin if everything goes your way. Yes, you read that right – 2,330,000 coins!

Game Information

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Max Payout: 
2330000 credits
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The core gameplay of the Rook's Revenge online slot is pretty straightforward: there are five reels and 25 lines and you can wager up to five coins worth between $0.02 and $1 per line. This means you can choose to bet as little as $0.02 per line or up to $125 with each spin you make.

Rook's Revenge has a number of ways that it offers players the opportunity to win more as they play, which is how it offers such large payouts to lucky players. For instance, the free spins bonus mode is activated when you get three or more Golden Mask symbols. There are also wild symbols (which only appear in the middle three reels) that substitute for all the symbols outside of the Golden Mask. Those wild symbols can be used multiple times, meaning that in certain arrangements, you can help out ten or more different paylines.

Once the symbols match, they explode and more symbols drop. These new symbols can match up with others and create new winning combinations without you spending another cent. This is one of the things we really liked about Rook's Revenge — not many online video slots offer that sort of free action. On top of that, there's a multiplier added to the next level's winnings and you can get up to 15x your original bet amount if your timing is just so and you manage to hit the fourth explosion in a free round.

Rook's Revenge is not any looser than most online slot machines, to be honest, but it offers so much action that it's hard not to enjoy yourself, even if you walk away with a little dent in your bankroll. In fact, in our very first time play-testing the game, we got to play 10 free rounds on our third spin and we ended up winning 990 credits right then.

Rook's Revenge is everything we want in an online casino game. Not only does it feature terrific graphics and great storytelling, the gameplay is consistently engaging. Other games usually make us want to use the autoplay function and just write down the results so we can determine fairness after a few rounds. Rook's Revenge is the first game in a long time where we played each round manually and had fun as we went. We highly recommended it.