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The Shark

The underwater theme is one that is very popular in the world of video slots and there are a lot of different ways you can dive in. Real Time Gaming, one of the most respected video slots company in the world, has put their own spin on it with their release of The Shark, which is a game that focuses the most feared warrior in the sea. Don’t be scared, though, these sharks can turn out to pay off for you, the player.

If you’re from the crowd that enjoyed the movie Jaws or tunes into Discovery channels highly-anticipated Shark Week, you’ll enjoy RTG’s video slot. The only difference is these Sharks are used to form winning combos that could put you on the path to your own underwater excursion if you strike it rich. Their teeth might be sharp but if your gaming skills are even sharper, these sharks will reward you.

Game Information

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RTG (Custom)
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What sets this online video slot apart from the crowd it only takes one denomination of bets: $0.01. That’s right, even if you’ve been roughed up at the tables and only have a couple of coins left, you’re money will go quite a long way with The Shark.

While that thought might turn some high rollers away, you might want to tell them to reconsider. There’s a progressive jackpot that’s always in play with The Shark and that’s what really makes this game worth your while. Often times, when you find games with big jackpots, they’ll make you bet a lot to win a lot. That’s not the case here as a penny can win you a minimum of $1000 every spin.

That’s not all that’s here, though, as there are a couple of cool bonus features on this five-reel, nine-payline game. If you collect three treasure chests anywhere on the screen, one opens up and awards you instant prizing in the form of coins. Also, if you get three shark symbols on the reels, you enter the Shark Bonus Round where you play high/low with the shark. Every time you win, you earn yourself a nice price (keep in mind that players lose on a tie and aces are high in this bonus feature).

As for the graphics, The Shark takes you back to a time when video slots were much simpler. You could even say that it looks like a bit of retro game, which should provide some comfort to the long-time slots players. Even so, the newer crowd will get a feel for what it was like before we had 3D graphics in online video slots. That adds to the old-school charm of The Shark.

This is definitely a game that should be on your list as it can offer you a lot for a little: small investment, big payout. You really don’t have to do a lot of thinking with this game as it’s as straightforward as it seems. It’s pure entertainment with the chance to pick up some extra cash for your gaming account, so find The Shark at Bovada and see how it treats you.