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Zombies Vs Cheerleaders

Zombies vs Cheerleaders is a 5-reel online video slot machine available at popular gaming destinations. It's become one of the most popular online slot machines out there right now and once you start playing, you'll find out why. It takes a goofy, gory premise — cheerleaders have to fight zombies to save their school — and turns it into fun (and frequently funny) way to win big.

The only way that our heroines are going to be able to make it out alive in this 25-line online slot machine is to kick, jump, tumble and hack their way ahead of the angry horde that wants to eat their brains. Do the cheerleaders have enough spirit? You’ll find out when you play the ultimate survival game, where the graphics are tied into the story and the sound is top-notch.

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The most important symbols in the Zombies vs Cheerleaders online slot are all tied into the premise of the story — cheerleaders fighting the undead. There are also the usual traditional card-based symbols, going from 9s through aces.  

Get two scatter symbols, and you earn double your initial bet back, making the spin free. Get three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the screen, and you get to play out a huge battle between our heroines and the zombie hordes with six free games, where all Cheerleader symbols turn wild on reels 1 and 2 and all of the Zombie symbols turn wild on reels 4 and 5. As you can imagine, this means that you can make a lot of money.

You can also win additional free games inside of the battle feature if more scatter symbols come into play. It's important to note that in both the regular game and the free battle feature that wild symbols (appropriately represented with an axe) don't match up with the scatter symbols — you have to earn those naturally.

Despite its crazy imagery and story, the Zombies vs Cheerleaders slot machine is about as straightforward as these games come. The game offers up a lot of chances to win and since the betting starts as low as $0.01 per line, even players with a small bankroll can end up playing the game for a good amount of time.

Autoplay lets you sit back and watch the action. You set the number of spins the machine makes for you along with how many paylines you're playing and how much you want to bet per payline and the game does the rest. You can also set spin conditions, meaning that if you end up ahead of the game and win a set amount, the game stops.

During our review period, we played both "traditionally" and using auto spin and while both ended up with the same results (a slight profit, playing all of the lines for $0.25 per line), it definitely felt more "fun" to play it manually.

The fun graphics and epic idea behind Zombies vs Cheerleaders helps make the game worth checking out. The actual gameplay kept us engaged and the battle feature is a great way to earn more without spending a dime. While it's not as fancy as lots of the 3D slots out there, the quick pace and the fact that we consistently had a great deal of entertainment for a little money makes it one of our favorites. 

(That said, we do wish that there were a volume control built into the game itself – it’d have been nice to cut out the dubstep drops and grinding guitar noises for a while!)