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Mac Online Casinos

When it comes to playing online slots Mac computer users have had to deal with a different set of rules. In the past, few online casinos offered action to Mac users but the growing player base has prompted casinos to invest in ways to provide the games.

Today many online casinos use a Flash version that has no download software in order to provide games to Mac users. All the Mac user has to do is download a browser like Safari or Firefox, as well as the latest version of Flash or Java, and they can start to play the games through an internet connection.

Top Mac Casino Options


#1. Mac Online Casino

United States
  • accepts American players
  • Get eight 100% match bonuses
  • The most Mac compatible casino for U.S. players today
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#3. Mac Online Casino

United States
  • Canadians and Americans accepted
  • Great graphics and software
  • Every game offered is 100% Mac compatible
Viva Vegas! boasts of 'Casino games that never go out of style', and offers all casino players a wide range of online slots.

Advantages and Disadvantages for Mac Slots Players

Many Flash version casinos are limited in both graphics and the amount of games offered. Because players are playing over the internet the games do not offer the same level of graphics that a downloaded version would. Players will experience a shortage of online slots games in a Flash version but with the better casinos most of the more popular games will be available.

For Mac users there are some advantages of playing in Flash casinos because there is an added level of security when it comes to personal account info as well as the ease of being able to play from any computer they want. It’s important for players to remember to log out of their account if they do play Flash games on another computer in order to protect their account information.

One issue that Mac users need to be aware of is online casino bonuses. This issue is an old one and many online casinos have taken the steps to correct it, but not all have. The problem is that Mac computer users use a Flash version to play the games, but in most bonus agreements it is clearly stated that players have to download the software and make a deposit in order to collect their bonus.

Mac players have to make sure that the online casino they’re playing on will give them a bonus for signing up with the Flash version, and that a bonus will be paid out even though there is no download of software taking place. Collecting a big sign-up bonus and taking advantage of reload bonuses is part of every savvy online slots game player’s routine, and without these bonuses available a Mac computer player will be gaming at a disadvantage compared to PC users.

As a Mac user, how do I choose the best online casino?

Every online casino out there likes to pretend that they offer the best options for their players, but in reality only some have made the investment to provide Mac users with a wide selection of games and easy to use operating software.

Online casino players need to investigate all the options before getting started. The best online casinos are ones which offer many flash games for Mac users or for anyone playing instantly online (without downloading any software). Other factors to consider are whether the casino offers bonuses to Mac users who are not downloading the software, and also how they rate in terms of customer service.

Like all online gamers, Mac users should always make sure that they play on sites that are established within the industry and are governed by a reputable online gaming commission.

Tips for Mac users playing online

The biggest tip that Mac users can learn is to make sure they research to find out which casinos have taken the extra effort to offer them as many advantages as possible. In the online gaming world Mac users are still considered a big minority, and many casinos do little to provide them with the best options available today.

Mac users should take the time to find a site that provides them bonuses, a wide selection of games to play, and the promise that the casino is going to continue to improve the product for them into the future. Otherwise, they decrease their chances to win because they’re not able to take advantage of the extras PC users have access to all the time.

Mac users also have to remember to keep their computer software up to date. When encountering problems with playing they should make sure that they have the latest versions of Flash or Java in place or the games will not run. Many online casinos will make the updates for you, but not all will.