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Online Casinos with 3D Slots

Most casino games have remained the same for decades. Table games like Blackjack or Roulette have changed very little over the years as players want the same experience they’ve had in the past. Online slots game players are not as traditional when it comes to trying new action and are always looking for the next big thing in an online slots game.

The biggest development in online slots games over the last five years is the use of 3D graphics in slots games. These new games deliver more in the way of graphics and sound effects as well as interactive play. Instead of just rolling reels, 3D slots game players get to play bonus rounds that require player involvement, making the games far more entertaining.

3D slots games have advanced video effects that animate game characters for a whole new gaming experience. When 3D slots game players hit certain combinations different bonus rounds will begin that take players to new scenes. Interactive portions of the game are then played out where players can choose from options in order to win credits or free spins.

Top Online 3D Slots Casinos


#1. 3D Slots at

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#3. 3D Slots at

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  • Canadians and Americans accepted
  • Realistic graphics on 3D games
  • Enjoy a top-notch sound experience boasts of 'Casino games that never go out of style', and offers all casino players a wide range of online slots.

Do all online casinos offer 3D Slots?

Though not all online gaming providers offer 3D slots games, many do now. Those sites often have a wide selection of 3D games from which to choose, and they continue to add new games all the time. Even some popular traditional slots game themes have been recreated with 3D versions.

3D slots games offer the player so much more than regular slots games. Beyond the interactive bonus rounds players can enjoy special symbols that give extra perks to the action. Some symbols become win multipliers, while others will award free spins when the right combinations are hit. All the extra event symbols offer online 3D slots game players lots of different ways to hit a payday, while providing a far more entertaining playing session.

Finding 3D slots games online is a lot easier than it once was as every online casino realizes that these games are the future of online slots action. 3D slots games are available on downloadable and flash software systems, and mobile online slots game players can enjoy their favorite 3D slots games on their phone or mobile devices.

3D Slots Awaken Your Sense

Whether you’re playing in instant play mode or a downloadable version, the sights and sounds of these 3D slots will surely entertain you. Audio effects can be as simply as noises while the reels spin to music playing in the background. Some of the characters in these online slots games even talk to you – throwing out catch phrases that make the game feel even more authentic.

Visually, you will be wowed by how interactive these 3D animations can be. The graphics enhance the game by making you feel like you are watching a mini movie unfold before your eyes. You might even think you can taste that pizza pie being baked in a bonus round!

What’s more, with so many themes available, you can jump into any style of play you want. There’s really something for everyone. If you feel daring, step back in time for an adventure in an ancient arena. If you want thrills, try a 3D slot full of spooky sights. And of course, there’s just the wacky ones like befriending some dancing rodents or aiding a top chef. And while some of these themes do exist for regular casino slots, nothing beats the animation of 3D ones.

Do 3D slots games pay out more for users?

3D slots games may offer more in the way of entertainment and interaction value, but payout percentages are not higher than traditional online slots games. If these games paid out at a higher percentage no one would play the other games. Payout percentages for 3D slots games are usually around the average of 98% that all online slots games pay at the more reputable online casinos.

Where online slots players can gain edges in play is in casino bonuses. By choosing a provider that not only offers a wide selection of 3D slots games but also has a competitive bonus and rewards program, online slots game players can collect enough perks to make a big difference in the size of the investment they have to make in order to play their favorite 3D slots games.

Trusted and top-rated casinos constantly offer deposit bonuses, slots-related promotions, and a generous VIP program. Slots game players on a reputable online casino should enjoy the most generous bonuses and comps, and they should earn comp points on their play at a faster rate than table game players enjoy.