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Online Casinos and Comp Points

Savvy online slots game players know that staying in the game is the number one rule when it comes to gaming. Going broke and having to wait until another time to play is not how it’s done, and experienced online slots game players know that managing their playing bankroll is the key to having the funds to play whenever they want to enjoy their favorite slots games.

A big part of bankroll management is taking advantage of any edge that a player is able to enjoy as a member of a particular gaming site. Online gaming providers are in constant competition with each other trying to offer players the most inventive and generous returns on the amount wagered. These returns can come in many different forms like sign-up and reload bonuses, free play credits, and comp points.

Comp points are virtual credits that can be cashed in for goods, cash, or free play whenever the player wants to use them. These points are earned based on the amount wagered in the casino, and for high rollers comp points are a big part of their lifestyle. These points were once only reserved for the high-roller players who generated a large percentage of the revenue for the casino, but today every online casino patron enjoys some form of return on their play.

Top Online Slots Casinos and Comps


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Do all online casinos offer comp points?

Most online slots game players will use their comp points for extra play when their playing funds are low. Others will save their comp points and spend them on an extravagance that they normally would never purchase for themselves. However they choose to spend their points, it’s that much more value that they get for their dollar.

Some online providers realize how important it is to offer patrons more for their paying dollar while others do little in the way of comps. The best comp programs are structured and fair, offering better perks based on the amount wagered by the player. Once a player has reached a certain amount of money wagered they will jump to the next level and instantly receive points at a faster rate.

Comp point programs vary greatly between online casinos with the best ones available at the more established sites. Established providers know how important customer retention is to their future and have pushed the envelope when it comes to comp points programs.

Online slots players should earn comp points at a high rate

Slots game players have traditionally received the best comps in the casino. Their play is easy to calculate, so comps can be paid out based on the amount wagered. Online slots game players can often enjoy programs that reward comp points twice as fast as online casino table game players, which greatly affects a player’s overall take.

Players should look for sites that pay special attention to slots player comps. Many providers offer the same rate for all their games which will pose a disadvantage for any slots players on the site. Comp points can offer players benefits, promotions and special events just for playing there.

Players should also look for providers that hold weekly slots game promotions that allow them to earn even more points at an accelerated rate. Some casinos will look to improve slower traffic times by offering a comp point bonus if players play slots online at certain times of the week. If a player has the time to play then, they can stash away lots of comps that they would normally not be able to earn during regular play.

How should I cash in my comp points?

As mentioned there are lots of different ways a player can cash in their comp points; which way is the best depends on the individual player. Players with smaller playing bankrolls might take best advantage of comp points by cashing them in for playing cash. That allows them to be in the game longer and directly increases their chances of hitting a big payday.

Most online providers with comp points have an online store that makes items available for purchase. Some players will choose to save up their points for a particular item that they may want to own. Some players save their comp points for long periods of time, opting to select an expensive prize like a trip or an entry into a large gaming opportunity.

Whether you choose to use your points to stay in the game longer or to spoil yourself with a luxury item, make sure you take advantage of these freebies while they’re available to you. Online comp programs should continue to get better in the future as sites continue to create new and innovative ways to reward their players.