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Online Casinos with Progressive Slots

Online slots players know that almost every slot game has a potential jackpot attached to it. That’s why we all play the games, in the hope that luck will smile upon us and allow us to hit the big combination that pays out the biggest potential payday. For years the game jackpot was limited to a particular machine, capping off the biggest possible payday a player could enjoy.

Land-based casinos came up with the idea to take a little bit from every slot game machine in the casino to build a big jackpot. The house jackpots grew large and attracted lots of players to the casinos. Some of these casinos were owned by operators that had multiple casinos in an area, and they began to combine the house jackpots, creating even bigger jackpots for patrons in any of their casinos to win.

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Do all online casinos offer Progressive Jackpots?

These jackpots were called progressives because they constantly grow in size, and some have grown into windfalls that can immediately change a winner’s life. Progressive jackpots have grown into the millions of dollars, instantly making winners rich for the rest of their lives. Professional slot game players play progressive games almost exclusively as they offer the best payout odds of all slot games.

Online casinos are not missing out on the action, and the electronic nature of the online gaming industry makes it even easier for multiple casinos to join forces and grow progressive jackpots fast. The faster a site can grow a jackpot the more advantageous it is for players to play there. Online progressive groups are determined by operating software. For example, online casinos that use Real Time Gaming operating software will join together to offer a big jackpot to all the players at the different casinos using that operating system.

Not every online gaming provider offers progressive jackpots to their players. The more reputable the provider is, the more likely it is there will be progressive action available for players. Smaller sites don’t have the network to build the jackpots, and new online slots game players often opt to play on sites that have lots of progressive games available.

Progressive online slots games are not played as exclusively as they are in land-based casinos. Most online slots game players will make progressive game action a small percentage of their play, mainly because there is such a wide selection of games to choose from online.

Why play progressive slots?

Why players play progressive slots is the same reason they play the lotteries - the odds may be long to win the jackpot, but the chance of hitting a massive payday is always a thrilling play. Some players will play progressives after hitting a windfall on another game while they have the extra credits to risk. Others set aside a percentage of playing funds for progressive action, usually 10% or less of a session’s allotted bankroll.

The reason it’s tough to play progressive games all the time is because players have to play max bet on every spin in order to get paid out the full amount of the jackpot. Not playing max bet would be a foolish play on a progressive game. Can you imagine hitting the progressive combination only to find out you didn’t win it because you didn’t play max bet on the spin?

Players with larger playing bankrolls can play more progressive action as their bankroll can withstand a long period without a payday. Players with limited bankrolls would not be able to withstand the potential wait it could take to win on a progressive game. It’s important for every online slots game player to practice bankroll management, especially when playing progressive games.

Where are the best progressive slots?

Finding the best online progressive slot games is easy to do. There are websites that list the biggest current progressive jackpots available to be won, and players can always expect a big progressive jackpot on the more established online providers. Numerous progressive jackpots are consistently worth well over a million dollars at some sites.

If a player is only concerned with playing for the biggest jackpots the best progressive games are wherever the most money is at a given time. Online slots game players should still consider the site they choose to play on before depositing, even if the jackpot is huge. Winning a progressive jackpot on a site that has a bad reputation for slow payouts could prove to be a frustrating outcome.

There are lots of reputable sites that consistently build and pay out huge progressive jackpots. These sites also have a long-standing reputation of speedy payouts and industry-leading customer service to ensure winners get the funds that they win.