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Playing High Limit Slots

High limit slots games offer players a chance to hit a massive payday. The bigger the wager the bigger the potential payout, and for players who have the bankroll to play at the highest levels the advantages are many. High limit online slots games are not roped off in a special place like one would find in a land-based casino, and limits are usually capped off at $5 wagers.

Online games may be capped at $5 per spin, but multiple line wagers make the potential bet on an online slots game as big as $150 per spin or more. That’s a big bet for just about any size bankroll, and if a player chooses to play at these stakes they should be aware of how much they are putting at risk.

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Pros and Cons of playing High Limit Slots Online

The big advantage of playing high limit slots games is the potential payday. Large bets will pay out exponentially, so the bigger the wager the bigger the win. Even the smallest win combinations can return over $1000 in credits when a player is betting $150 or more per spin. Hitting a good size combination of symbols could make for an instant fat payday.

Potential big payouts always come with potential big losses. If a player goes on a dry spell without hitting any combinations for a payout, at $150 per spin or more, they could find their bankroll diminish at an alarming rate. Playing at high limit stakes takes a lot of cash to do properly in order for a player to withstand a dry spell between payouts.

Players should always base their stakes levels on the size of their playing bankroll. A player’s overall bankroll should be at least 100 times the wager size they’re playing. That means high rollers spinning at $100 per spin should have at least a $10k bankroll to play with.

If a high roller is playing at the proper stakes level they can expect to receive lots of advantages from the casino in the way of freebies and comps. At these stakes levels comps come into play in a far more important role as the casinos go the extra mile to keep high limit players at their establishment.

Where can high rollers find big games?

Finding a high stakes slots game online is not hard to do for players with adequate-size bankrolls. Most online casinos offer higher levels of play, so that’s not the most important criteria for choosing an online gaming provider for high stakes action. High rollers should look for sites that offer the best VIP programs and reliable banking and customer service options so that all their gaming needs are easily met.

Playing at a reputable casino offers high roller players the opportunity to win a big jackpot while earning huge returns on their playing time. When a high roller wins a big payday they know they’ll be able to access their funds whenever they wish and that the providers will go the extra mile to offer them even better comp services than they would enjoy in a land-based casino.

Just like in most land-based casinos, some online casinos even have concierge services where high limit slots players can work with the casino to decide on comps that best serve their personal needs. Some sites even offer invitations to exclusive parties and events through their Club 94 Event program as extra gifts for being valued casino members.

Should I be playing high limit slots?

Deciding if you should be playing high limit slots is an easy thing to figure out. If you have endless disposable cash, playing at any stakes is unimportant. For the average player with a moderate-size playing bankroll, deciding when it might be a good time to take a chance at a big payday should involve a little planning so that things don’t get out of hand.

In order to justify a step up in stakes players have to either have recently experienced a windfall that has increased their bankroll, or they have to be willing to risk a small percentage of their usual bankroll on a high stakes game. If a player has had a recent windfall they should only risk a percentage of their winnings. The more cash they have above their usual bankroll, the more they can risk in the high stakes games.

Playing a small amount of high stakes slots action from a normal operating bankroll is often a short visit of just a few spins. Strict personal limits have to be practiced in this situation, so most players only a get a few spins at the big bucks before they have to go back to reality and their proper stakes levels.