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Playing Slots at Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos have been around for nearly a decade and the industry has been steadily growing. Today over 100 mobile casinos are operating in the world, and according to a Juniper Research project the total amount of money wagered on mobile gaming is estimated to reach nearly $50 billion by 2015. 

Still considered in its development stage, mobile gaming is rapidly becoming a popular form of online gaming all over the world.

Having the option of playing real-money games at any time has been the concern of some interest groups in the past who have felt that anytime access to gaming could produce some problems. As the industry continues to grow, though, that has not been the case, and instead what has been seen is that online gamers are able to enjoy playing at opportune times where their time would have otherwise been wasted.

Top Mobile Casino Options


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Mobile Slots

Situations like waiting in a long lineup or riding on public transportation have now become opportunities for online slots players to enjoy their favorite games, leaving them time in their day for other things.

The mobile gaming boom is not as big as the initial internet gaming boom, but as mobile gaming options continue to increase more players will opt to play on their tablet or smart phone instead of on their computer. Online gaming providers are making the transition as easy as possible for online slots game players to make, and they’re even enticing them with generous bonuses to give the mobile games a try.

One difference mobile players often encounter is how they go about withdrawing money. Most mobile casinos make it easy to deposit money, but the payout features are not in place. Payouts are instead completed by contacting the casino, usually by phone, to arrange a payout when desired.

Many mobile casinos will offer the same games they have available in their Flash versions of their casino. It helps to research what type of gaming action will be available on a particular site before you decide to become a member. And not all mobile casinos offer players the same compatibility, so it also helps to make sure that your particular mobile device is supported on the mobile site you choose to play on before signing up.

Which online casinos offer good mobile options?

Each online casino that is developing a mobile app will offer different options to their customers. The mobile apps are the most competitive element of online gaming today as each online casino tries to stake out a piece of the market. The ones that are leading the way right now are the sites that have made the investment into offering compatibility to many mobile devices.

The best online casinos for mobile gaming are both iOS and Anroid friendly, with compatibility for iPhone 3 and up as well as virtually all iPads and tablets. Players should seek a provider that offers a free-to-use mobile casino, with the opportunity to test out games first to determine if they like it or not.

Players should also specifically look for online casinos that offer casino bonuses applicable to mobile games. Some casinos even offer generous bonuses specifically for mobile players on top of other welcome bonuses and promotions. If the online casino provider also offers other features (such as online poker or sports betting) chances are that the mobile players will also get the option jump back and forth between different activities from the same account. 

Tips for mobile slots game players

The first thing that mobile gamers should be concerned about is usage. Playing on a mobile device could prove costly if their service provider charges them for data usage when they’re playing. Like any time spent on the internet with a mobile device, one should always try to link to a free Wi-Fi connection so their data is not being used up.

If a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable they should know if additional data or roaming charges will incur if they play on the mobile casino. Mobile casino users can contact their service providers to find out about any potential additional fees.

Use of a mobile casino should be free of fees, and players should instead receive perks for joining. It pays to research what the latest sign-up bonuses are as casinos continue to compete for players. Bonuses can be generous, and players should take advantage of the windfall while they are still available.

And for mobile casino players it’s important to choose playing situations wisely. Like with texting, it’s dangerous to game when operating a vehicle or walking down the street. Be aware of your surroundings when playing on mobile casinos and the experience will continue to be fun one.