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How to Play Slots

When you’re ready to sit back and enjoy your chosen slot machine, you’ll marvel at how easy it is to start spinning the reels. Choose an amount, select how many credits or lines per spin and push “spin”.

However slots have come a long way from simply lining up three cherries. Machines have auto spin features, bonus rounds, bonus symbols and in some cases, mini games to enhance your gaming experience.

Auto spin is a fairly new feature that brings fun and comfort to a whole new level. Located on the bottom of your chosen slot, just click "auto spin" and choose the cost per spin and the amount of spins you’d like. That’s it! Go and make yourself a drink while the funds come rolling in.

Most classic slot machines offer the standard style of lining up symbols that match the pay tables. However there are some games that offer random progressive jackpots, free spin features and substitute symbols. In these games, the progressive jackpot is completely random and can be won on any spin. 

The free spin feature offered on certain slot machines is triggered when specific symbols appear. The way to achieve free spins differs from slot to slot. Check in your chosen machine’s help section to find out how.

Every classic game also has substitute symbols that can help you form a winning combination. Again, the help section located on every slot will tell you how its sub-symbols operate.

With video slots, things get more complicated. Most offer the ability to wager on up to 25 paylines instead of one line in the classic machines. This creates a myriad of ways to win and in some cases different bonus rounds. Though every video slot is different, you’ll be reasonably notified with sounds or graphics when entering a bonus round. Once there it’s all about manually clicking a symbol in the bonus round to give you a chance at more prizes.

We could write a novel on how to play every slot available. However, it is our opinion that the best way to learn is just to play. Whether playing mobile slots or conventional online slots - just get in and test drive your favorite machine to learn how every symbol and bonus round works.