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Slot Machine Rules

Why are online slot machines arguably the biggest pickup-and-play casino game of all time? The argument at its core is that slots are more checkers than chess. A fun and simple alternative to the complicated games of poker or baccarat.

That is partially true. Slots is a game you can instantly dive into when you have change available. However, like any game, there are rules online slots have to follow for players to get a fair chance at victory.

First, there is no pattern to how the slot reels spin. There is a myth that if you place the maximum wager (generally three credits instead of one) on a machine that the odds of winning are significantly reduced. This isn’t true. In fact, in some cases your chances of a winning spin are actually increased.

All slot machines have a random number generator to ensure no spin is predetermined. In truth, there are no “hot” or “cold” machines. A slot can have multiple jackpots in one sitting, or go ages without one.

On classic slot machines the only difference in adding more or less credits is in the payout, not in the chances of hitting the jackpot. When it comes to video slots every play is still random. However, the more lines you buy per spin the more chances at prizes and bonuses. Every combination of winning symbols, no matter the credit amount, pay left to right.

To know how much every slot game pays every machine should have a paytable you can study. has paytables listed on every machines. Most are located on the same screen you’re playing. Others you can find in the help menu.

If you received one of the lucrative bonuses that arrive with your first deposit, there is a rollover requirement all players most follow in order to withdraw the funds. A 40 time rollover (40 multiplied by bonus must be waged, won or lost, to meet requirement) is required or any winnings made off those funds will be void.

Beginners Guide to Playing Slots

There are hundreds if not thousands of online casinos competing daily for your business. Finding the right match for your gaming needs is not always easy and at times can seem to be downright intimidating. This is where we can help.

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Selecting the right win-win situation can seem like a difficult task especially for new players. In truth, most casinos make it exceedingly easy and will take the time to guide you through the in’s and out’s.

Based solely on the sheer number of online casinos on the web, the selection process can be difficult. How do you know which are the good ones? Which ones are safe? Does the online casino stand behind its product?

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One chance you should not take is on where to play. By sticking only with reputable casinos, those with a proven track record, you have insured that the only gambling you do is on the games.