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Top 10 Tips for Online Slots

1. Play at a reputable casino

When it comes to playing slots online the first rule is to choose a gaming provider that has a good reputation within the industry. Take the time to find a site that is a member of a recognized online gaming commission and a site that is regularly audited for fair play and randomness. The site you choose should also have a reputation for good customer service and speedy banking options, both in deposit and withdrawal abilities.

2. Play within your means

When it comes to any type of gaming it’s important to play within a stakes level that you can afford. Every online slots game player should set game limits for both time and money, and if they reach their limit they should stop playing. Keep the stakes at a level where your bankroll can withstand enough sessions to last in the game until you can win some, or more, of it back.

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3. Know the game you’re playing

Most online slots games are straight forward. You bet and spin. It seems as simple as possible, but if a player doesn’t have a full understanding of a game it could end up costing them money they hadn’t intended on playing with. Online slots players should make sure that they understand how the betting limits work on any game they play or they could end up wagering a lot more credits than they intended.

4. Take advantage of bonuses

Just about every online casino offers players bonuses for playing on their site. Online slots game players get some of the best casino bonuses in the industry, and every savvy slots player knows that taking advantage of bonuses and VIP points is all part of the game these days. Depending on the site, bonuses can be converted into play credits, slot tournament entries, and even cash after a player either signs up or plays a specified amount of credits.

5. Play in the right state of mind

It is important to play online slots when you’re in a coherent state. Playing while under the influence of alcohol rarely ends up with a good result. Playing under the influence will often lead to spending more money than you normally would or taking unnecessary risks that could lead to faster depletion of your playing bankroll.

6. Take regular breaks

Online slots games are not poker, other players are not dependant on you in any way. Slots games can be stopped at any time and picked back up whenever you want. It helps to take regular beaks when you’re playing a session to keep your mind sharp and stretch out your muscles. It breaks up the routine that online slots can present if you’re playing a long session.

7. Seek out progressives

Savvy online slots players know that the best odds they can find are when they play progressive jackpot games. The payouts on these games can become massive, and with the huge player pools some online casinos are linked to the jackpots grow fast and pay out often. Online slots game players should also always remember to play full credits when they’re playing progressive games.

8. Remember to cash out

Many online slots game players enjoy the action so much they forget to take out some winnings when fate smiles upon them. Following a windfall it makes sense to withdraw a percentage of your take so you won’t pay it all back to the casino. You can set monetary limits, and once you hit that mark you can cash out, or you can wait until you hit a big payday and take out your winnings then.

9. Understand play is random

Many online slots and mobile slots game players can get caught up in the action and begin to believe than some sort of pattern is playing out within the game. Players should know that every spin is independent of the last, and that there is no way to control or predict what will hit on the next spin. Windfalls come when they come, not when you think they will. Trying to predict when a payout will come will only lead to disappointment and frustration