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Understanding Slots Bonuses

Since the birth of the online gaming industry online casinos have competed for patrons by offering different types of play bonuses. These bonuses have evolved over the years and a savvy online slots game player knows that they have to put forth the effort to take full advantage of any bonuses they may have coming to them.

Bonuses can come in many different forms and be earned from many different actions from making deposits to the amount of cash a player may have wagered. Online gaming providers offer special events and promotions that can give a player an edge on their playing dollar. All are a type of bonus and all should be  taken advantage of if a player wants to operate at the highest possible play level.

Top Online Slots Casinos and Bonuses


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How to take advantage of bonuses

Taking advantage of bonuses should start with the sign-up bonus. This is one of the most generous bonuses in the industry as online slots casinos constantly compete to gain new players. The biggest sign-up bonus in the industry changes often, and some can be very generous in what they offer a new player for becoming a member. A new player should expect to get at least a 100% deposit match bonus on their initial deposit.

Reload bonuses work the same way a sign-up bonus does, only the matched percentage is always less. Some casinos run special promotions that offer players multiple reload extras over a period of time. These bonuses are an instant return on a deposit and should always be taken advantage of when a casino offers them.

VIP and comp bonuses take care of themselves. The more a player wagers the more VIP points they earn. Everything is calculated by the casino so all the player has to do is decide on how they want to spend their VIP points. Online slots game players should take some time to look at the options casinos offer in exchange for VIP points, and then choose the best comp for them.

Special daily and weekly promotions are offered by online casinos that offer online slots game players even more opportunities to earn points. Select time periods will be offered that will allow players to earn comps at a higher rate, or offer players other forms of bonuses. Playing in as many of these bonus time frames as possible will allow a player’s bankroll to stretch further.

Keeping track of bonuses

With so many different casino bonuses being offered to players at any given time it’s a good idea for occasional players to keep track of events and specials. A simple desk calendar can become a valuable source of information if a player takes the time to mark down where daily, weekly, and monthly promotions are offering extra value on their playing dollar.

Players can plan out a playing schedule around the bonuses that they like the best. Taking the extra time to learn where a bonus may be available has a direct effect on one’s overall take in the games and offers the knowledge to a player that they are doing every possible play to try and improve their chances of hitting a big payday while playing slots online.

Another easy way to keep track of casino bonus offers is to organize casino email alerts. Put all those emails from your favorite online casino into a folder and check them before every session. There may be a bonus you forgot about or missed and a quick look could uncover a freebie that gives you an edge.

Not bothering with bonuses

There are lots of online slots game players who don’t bother to take advantage of online casino bonuses. Once they get their sign-up bonus they rarely use others and just play the games and deposit when they need more playing funds. These players still collect VIP points, but they’re losing out on bonuses and this is causing them to spend more money to play slots online.

With a 100% bonus on an initial deposit and periodic re-load bonuses of 20-50%, just in deposit bonuses alone players will gain significant value. When one adds in all the VIP advantages that can be earned during special events and promotional periods that accelerate comp earnings, players not taking advantage of bonuses will see a faster depletion of their playing bankroll between windfalls.

Every online casino offers some type of bonus system to give back to their regular players. Being a regular player should have its rewards, and casinos structure most bonuses to reward loyal players. An online slots game player who doesn’t take advantage of bonuses can still have a big windfall, but not taking something that is being handed to you by the casino is never a player’s best option.